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Did I Miss Anything...? - Nars x Leith
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“Hey, Nars!” Leith padded quickly over to the barely awake female. She glared at him with her usual displeased expression.
“I'll be finding my own den, today,” Leith continued, standing up straighter. Nahimana had offered to help him just last night and he was so pleased with having made a connection with someone so fast, he had to tell someone.
Nars continued to silently consider him from where she lay, rolled up in her own warm and dry den. Her green eyes seemed to gleam a little more in the darkness. It creeped Leith out a bit, really.
“So... yeah,” the young male said, scuffing at the dirt. “You can have your death-trap space back.”
As he turned to be on his way to Nahimana's den, Nars' hoarse morning voice followed him.
“Who is she?”
Leith turned quickly back around to look at the larger female. She was slowly emerging
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 1 4
Night In - Nahimana x Leith
Feat. and  

Leith's flesh trembled as he walked carefully along, pastes carefully placed before him. His eyes scanned the nearby trees. His nose was filled with the scents of the forest and hinted at the touch of the lovely Nahimana.
Pausing, Leith looked up the rising rocks idea to his left. She would be here, nearby... he could smell her.
He was terribly nervous, he felt as though he might become ill. Swallowing, the young male stepped hesitantly forward again.
He longed very much for time alone with the sweet female. She'd taken her time to know him and make him feel welcome... why?

Nahimana lounged outside of her den, laying on her back with the warm sun hitting her belly. Her eyes were almost closed, just open enough to watch for Leith. He should be coming over any minute down.
Upon seeing him, the tan female rolled over, rising to he
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 1 4
Good Company - Alistair x Nars by Koeyohte Good Company - Alistair x Nars :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 18 12 Soothing - HotL - Process1 by Koeyohte Soothing - HotL - Process1 :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 8 12 HotL - Leith Origins meme by Koeyohte HotL - Leith Origins meme :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 7 9 Victorious - Nars by Koeyohte
Mature content
Victorious - Nars :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 21 13
Stats Mse by Koeyohte Stats Mse :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 3 0
Herbs Can... Heal? - Freya x Leith

It was a cloudy day with a wind which blowed through the trees. Freya was looking for herbs which should strengthen the immune system of her little pups who were sleeping in the nursery den. She knew where to find it but it was near the Sioux border. Freya need to hurry, because her pups could wake up and trying to leave the den. Freya came closer to the border and looked nervously for the herbs.// It should be here somewhere// She stayed alert while she sniffed on the ground to find the scent of the plants.

Leith had adventure deep within Sioux territory, but today had decided to go past Nars' den area and toward the opposite edge of Sioux. As he walked, he sniffed scent markers and looked at animal tracks in the mud.
The rainy season was coming soon... he'd remembered days upon days of being wet and miserable back in Luther's lands. Leith sighed. Perhaps Nahimana wouldn't mind him coming
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 2 0
Whimsy - DoC by Koeyohte Whimsy - DoC :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 7 14
Rebellion Code - Nahimana x Nars

Nahimana stepped carefully through the den site, cautiously looking for a familiar face. She was setling in quite nicely now, this new status of delta suited her. She was a full member of the pack, not new enough to stand out, but low enough in rank that others rarely paid specific attention to her. She could stay under the radar perfectly, seen and noticed but not standing out. It was comfortable. At this moment, however, there was one other wolf she wanted to be noticed by: Nars, the only other flatfoot of Sioux.
It was an easy enough task, all she really had to do was hang out near the den site entrance. Nars clearly had to enter at some point, their first ​meeting had been inside the den site, but she could very well be outside at the moment. Instead of going on wild goose chases in an area where might not even be in, she would simply linger by the one place she would have to pass through and try not to look awkward.
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 5 13
What Do You Think of Me? - Nahimana x Leith
Feat. and

Leith had resided within Sioux's borders for a full day now. He'd met one female on his first day and was glad that it had gone well. Of course, immediately afterward, he had quickly returned to Nars' den area and stayed there.
Just in case.
Now, he glanced to his left as Nars trotted past. She did halt a moment and look toward him but her usual scowl was already beginning to find its way back onto her face. As she went on her way, he noticed the trickle of blood down her shoulder. Must be on her way to the river yet again....
Standing, Leith looked up at the several spines and skulls that hung from the trees overhead. Nars had an interesting taste in design.

Nahimana trotted happily through camp, gracefully sidestepping out of the paths of her packmates. She was bored, and inviting Nars on a flatfoot adventure seemed like a fun way to ki
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 3 3
HalfMoon Meeting - JOVA
Alina had settled herself along the shallow beach, her three packmates facing her, their forms silhouetted against the dark trees that loomed from behind.
“So,” she began with a smooth tone, “We are to meet with delegates from the other packs at the next half moon.” She studied their faces.
Astrid remained stoic, but nodded. She turned to look at Ragune and Konnon. She hardly knew either of them... surely Alina would ask her to accompany her? She looked back as Alina spoke once more.
“In light of these events, I think it best we are all aware, and us being the smallest pack... I would not hesitate to assume it best we all attend.”
Astrid nodded, but looked toward the others again.
“How many... others... will be there?” Astrid watched Alina's face, emotionless as ever. The lead female looked to her then the others as she replied.
“At least one or two from the other packs. We will leave here together – the meeting will not look
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 2 11
UPDATED: Looking to RP - Leith/Plots
Looking to RP/meet w my new guy! -
Plots are below....  He's very shy/timid... he's quite nervous and terrified of males, and while he's typically shy with females, he will also at least attempt to greet them. He's more outgoing after a moment or so and he's a real cassanova after some time ;D
He's been “freed” from his captor by Nars and her friends... it's his first time out and about/alone/being treated as an equal/adult.
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 2 21
To the Alpha - Leith x Nars

As the group disbanded, glancing toward one another one last time, giving one another their final farewells, Nars felt a massive wave of both accomplishment and perhaps even sentimentality wash over her.
This group of individuals would probably never again meet, nor work together in the numbers they had. But they were the ones Nars felt incredible lengths of loyalty toward – they had done the things she knew few others would.
With a satisfied sigh, she turned to pick up the massive skull that lay at her paws. But she started and jerked her head back when the tawny face of Leith met her much too close for comfort. Grumbling, a slight growl emitting from her gut, Nars bent to retrieve Luther's skull.
Trotting off, her ears swiveled backward as the sound of hurried pawsteps accompanied her.

Nervously, his gaze darted from one figure to another as the band of wolves who had granted him his freedom disba
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 1 0
Leith Tracker - HotL by Koeyohte Leith Tracker - HotL :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 5 2
My, My! - Ahote x Lyall
Feat. and

Lyall's nose wrinkled as the ladybug crept towards his eyes.
“No, no,” he said humorously, “go that way....” he squinted, hoping his eyes might frighten off. It took flight and he looked up as it buzzed away. He chased it aimlessly, watching where it landed, wondering where the bug was headed.
He paused to glance backwards... the Nawayee border was not far and mother had begun to give him and the others a little leniency. He could tell it was hard for his mother... he knew there were dangers out here, but most seemed to be well taken care of. Sabers were busy in the mountains and the bears didn't often come this way.
Lyall looked forward again, his catch drifting lazily away across the clearing that separated Nawayee from... whatever was over there. Mom had said there were other wolf packs – huge groups of wolves just like their own. And so close by
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 4 2


Tauri Design concepts by Lori-Lori-Chan Tauri Design concepts :iconlori-lori-chan:Lori-Lori-Chan 6 12 III: Eriu by Ravietta III: Eriu :iconravietta:Ravietta 922 17 -Commission- The Protector by AxesAndFoxes -Commission- The Protector :iconaxesandfoxes:AxesAndFoxes 16 19 [WToA] SNEAK ATTACK by Nitty-Kitty [WToA] SNEAK ATTACK :iconnitty-kitty:Nitty-Kitty 7 6
WToA RP: Doubts of a Non-mother
Nova & Abina
Location: Neutral grounds- Nahazi Stream

Having left her den later in the den, she kept looking back over her shoulder. She was paranoid that the pup would follow her. Everything was new now, she didn't have just one mouth to feed but now two. She hasn't had a den since she was in her old pack but now she had a dugout underneath two logs for a den for now. Adopting the pup she had to make appropriate changes so that she could kept after it's welfare. She was stressed and honestly fearful of what was going to happen. She always wanted to be a mother but now she had made the quick decision of watching over a pup.
The loner trotted towards the watering hole that joined the 3 rivers in the Neutral territory, she was hoping to find something before it got too dark but the evening light was still warm and enough to pick through to find a rabbit or two. She wa
:iconnekktar:Nekktar 3 5
Ragune X Astrid: The Forced Meeting

Astrid felt giddy with excitement – a new Jova wolf! Alina had met with her (she'd had to come to the mainland and find her, Astrid spent hardly any time on the island any more) and told her about Ragune, the polite new male.
As she ran through the woods, her heart pounding in her ears she laughed into the wind. It had been so long! She'd not have a friend in years – besides the coyotes of course. She slowed slightly – they'd disappeared for awhile, for some reason, though.
As she reached the cliffside that led down to the beaches, she slowed even more. She was terribly nervous – she had spotted him from a distance, but what was he like?

Ragune shook his fur a few times trying to get all the water out. He had just come from the mainland to fill his belly with fish when he remembered that he needed to meet with this mysterious Astrid female. He was beginning to have
:iconzodiacnine:ZodiacNine 1 0
Coyote Family by Dead-Raccoons Coyote Family :icondead-raccoons:Dead-Raccoons 19 4 Jack Of All Trades by The-Hare Jack Of All Trades :iconthe-hare:The-Hare 70 18
HotL: The Prisoner
Siphiri as Alaric
Androsanity as Ailbhe
EternallyDrunkSmurf as Nahimana
BlazingShadow1 as Alistair
OMSisRPing / OneMinuteSketch as Sean

“Get yourself useful. Go to the alpha, inform him about the intruder.”
Forcing herself to suppress the twinge of annoyance evoked by Sean’s nasty tone, Nahimana at once nodded in response to the order. Spinning in place two or three times, figuring out what direction she had come from and thus where she needed to go, she was soon moving at a swift pace towards the main den. The boredom she had felt earlier in the day was gone now, replaced by a vague adrenaline high and some amount of confusion. Did she just witness a kidnapping? Hell, did she just cause a kidnapping? He said he was from Druid, that was definitely the pack Nars had told her about. That meant that she could probably expect an interesting reaction from the alpha, news of a Druid ‘barron’ being captured sound
:iconandrosanity:Androsanity 6 13
PotA: The Flock's Will by lightningspam PotA: The Flock's Will :iconlightningspam:lightningspam 298 20 HotL: New Lands by Androsanity HotL: New Lands :iconandrosanity:Androsanity 75 34 Blood Moon Rising by Tazihound Blood Moon Rising :icontazihound:Tazihound 668 47
OC Interview: Diego and Sonora
1. Pick a character you've created.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that character.
3. Tag at least four people to do this meme
1. What is your name?
Diego: Name's Diego, honey ;)
Sonora: *sniffs* That's Sonora to you ...
2. Do you know why you were named that?
Diego: My mum couldn't be bothered to name me or my siblings, so I named myself after a place sacred to the coyotes.
Sonora: *Shrugs* My Pa named me after the place I was born - the Sonoran Desert.
3.Single or taken?
Diego: You interested, honey? ;)
Sonora: I have a mate *growls* so BACK off!
4.Have any abilities or powers?
Diego: Does being irresistable count? ;)
Sonora: Well, I died, went to the Spirit World and came back to the Mortal Realm ... and I can school your butt too if that counts. :(
5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
Diego: Ooo, she sounds cute!
Sonora: Um, excuse you?
6. What's your eye color?
Diego: Why not talk about YOUR pretty eyes, baby ;)
Sonora: Really?
7. How about fur color?
Diego: Well,
:icondead-raccoons:Dead-Raccoons 2 4
Eriu spin 2.0 by Ravietta Eriu spin 2.0 :iconravietta:Ravietta 3,462 194 [HOTL-AC] Anything you can do, I can do better by kragekongen [HOTL-AC] Anything you can do, I can do better :iconkragekongen:kragekongen 25 14
[HOTL-RP] Nars and Nayet Meet
Koeyohte as Nars.
kragekongen as Nayet.

Nars' eyes fluttered with sleepiness as she trudged toward the main den site. She never, ever ventured there willingly... but she had heard there were new Sioux wolves. Again, so soon – it was good news for the pack.
And for her. A small smile curled across her dark lips. No better way to make an impression than with fresh eyes... all the wolves who had been here before her hardly batted an eye in her direction, which was terribly dismaying. She deserved more than a simple head nod, did she not? Perhaps one of these newcomers would finally be a match of interest for her... it had been quite a long time.

The young wolf was sitting somewhat dejectedly near the den area of her new home. How little this place was like Skeld, the atmosphere a whole other creature entirely. Nayet wasn’t sure it was better exactly, but every pack had history and some of it had to darker. In time she would
:iconkragekongen:kragekongen 2 1


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

(by kragekongen )
My internet Novel, Thireador, is on Patreon! >>--->

Currently spending most of my available time completing a novel that I hope to begin querying for publishing by next Summer :)

:iconheirs-of-the-lands: :iconwolf-tribes-of-ahki: :iconwild-whisper-forest: :icondogs-of-canidale:
Nars , Leith ..... Abina , Lyall ....Astrid , Alina , Medora ... Whimsy

Find me!
:bulletblue: Instagram - Koeyohte


ARPG Medallions/Trackers
Character bust or profile + your choice of painted or "simple" landscape/BG :)

From $8-$10.  All commissioners get a thank you sketch~
$5 YCH
Bullet; Blue To claim, comment or note which pose you'd like and leave your character's reference below :) (Smile)
Bullet; Blue In addition, note me with your paypal address and I'll send an invoice!  I won't be able to start work until you've received the invoice
Bullet; Blue You may request more than one character and have subtle changes made (hair/manes/piercings/scarves/accessories, etc)! +$3.50 per additional characters~
Bullet; Blue Your character will be redrawn, colored, shaded and given a simple background
Bullet; Blue Your YCH will be sized at 1,000 pixels wide
:bulletred: I do not accept points, sorry!
Pencil Colored Bust
Detailed pencil and ink bust or profile of your OC! These are ACEO sized and:
:bulletblue: may come with floral/foliage borders or accents if you so choose.
:bulletblue: you may have accessories and additional anatomical alterations added for no additional price (i.e. horns, piercings, hairdos, etc)
Example - this is a "profile" or straight on side view. Commissions will be 3/4 and an array of expressions and angles unless otherwise specified.

This includes mailing you the original, if you would like it :)




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THIREADOR Chapter 1 is available for download! -- Chapter 1 - THIREADOR by Thireador-Novel
Filmed a Talkthrough video touching on facial attributes... it's very rough and needs improvement but for the first ever video, it is what it is :P -
Anyone know a good program where you can draw with others via Internet connection?
If I filmed a video tomorrow, what would you want to see?
Char facial shapes/designs talk through?  Markings ideas?  How to come up with color palettes, shapes... etc? I've got to start somewhere, and want to know what people may want to see ^^


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